Empowering Kenya's TVET Institutions for Progress

Opening a private college or Vocational Training Center in Kenya from scratch is a challenging experience. Our team of education experts are here to help.

We enhance the effortless establishment, growth, and success of your TVET institution by ensuring the fulfilment of the evolving needs of students, trainers, and the dynamic job market.

Some Of Our Proud Clients


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Holistic approach

  • Our focus is on helping TVET institutions with their wide-ranging needs and various difficulties. To do this, we carefully examine each institution's specific situation, taking the time to understand their unique circumstances. This detailed assessment allows us to create custom recommendations and practical solutions that are perfectly aligned with their requirements and goals.

The driving force of TVET institutions in Kenya

Dapin Education aims to drive excellence and innovation in Kenya's TVET sector, empowering everyone in the ecosystem to achieve their dreams and contribute to social - economic development.

Colleges and Tertiary Institutions
TVET Institutions Assisted to Establish
Years of experience

Why Dapin Education is the solution

Dapin Education empowers everyone in the TVET ecosystem to thrive and achieve their dreams.

24/7 Support

We are dedicated to providing round-the-clock assistance, available both online and offline

Industry Recognized

Our in-depth expertise in the TVET industry is woven into the fabric of Dapin Education through key partnerships and educators.

Team of experts

We are a collective of seasoned professionals dedicated to revolutionizing the landscape of TVET sector. With a combined experience exceeding 5 years.

What We Do

We are a one-stop service offering everything you need to create your College or Vocational Center navigate the licensing and accreditation processes and start your College on the right path to success


  • Expert Consultation for Establishing Your Institution
  • Institution Pre - Visit Consultation
  • Requirements to Establish Your TVET Institution

Academic Services

  • Digital Content Development
  • Student Placement assitance for Private Institutions
  • Student Support Services
  • Trainers Capacity Building

Establish Your TVET-Compliant Institution in Kenya

  • Craft a TVET- Compliant Institution Name
  • Complete Registration with all the Relevant Authorities
  • Creating a Distinctive Logo & Letterhead for Your Institution
  • Follow-Ups on Your Behalf for a Seamless Process
  • Institution Website Development

Institution Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Billboards
  • TV and Newspapers
  • Streets Marketing
  • Highschools marketing

E-Learning Services

  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • School Management System
  • Online Library System
  • Custom Software/app Solutions for TVET Institutions

Policies & Strategy Development

  • Strategic Plan Developmnet
  • ODEL Policy Development
  • ODEL Need Assessment reports
  • Marketing Policy Development


Attachment/Internship Opportunities

Upon completing my Bachelor's in Computer Science the quest for a rewarding internship led me to Dapin Education, a beacon of opportunities and connections in the realm of professional development. Their extensive network and commitment to empowering individuals like me proved to be instrumental in shaping my career trajectory.

Patrice Kimeu
Bsc Computer science

Strategic Plan Development

At Evolutionary Training Center, our journey toward excellence in TVET Sector was significantly bolstered by the invaluable partnership with Dapin Education. Through their expert guidance and strategic counsel, we charted a comprehensive five-year Strategic plan that has set us on a trajectory of growth and success.

Evolutionary  Center,
Nairobi County


Establishment of My College 

My journey in establishing a reputable college faced numerous challenges until I found unwavering support and guidance from Dapin Education. Their comprehensive assistance and unwavering commitment were pivotal in transforming my vision into a reality.

Brighter minds college, 
Kiambu County